4 Fields Training & Tools for Creole Speaking Nations

Training Resources


1. Empty Field – ENTRY Strategy
Level 1 Training (411) –  Creole
411 Video – English, Creole
Defining a Person of Peace Video
Luke 10 House of Peace Search Video

2. Seeded Field – GOSPEL Strategy
3 Circles (video) –  Creole
My 15 Second Story (video) – English, Creole
Entry and Evangelism Training Card
4 Responses to the Gospel and Follow Up

3. Growing Field– DISCIPLESHIP Strategy
Commands of Christ (Short-term Discipleship Plan) –  Creole
T4T Discipleship Process (video) –  Creole

4. Harvest Field – CHURCH Formation Plan
Handy Guide for the House of Peace – Creole
Handy Guide for a Healthy Church –  Creole

5. LEADERSHIP Multiplication Plan
How to Develop Reproducing Leaders –  Creole
5 Parts & 4 Fields of Jesus’ Strategy (video) –  Creole

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4 Fields Training & Tools for Portuguese Speaking Nations

Movement Resources

These have been implemented and reproducing in Cape Verde, West Africa since 2015 birthing a CPM sweeping across the 10 island nation and now into the mainland of Africa.


Commands of Christ in Portuguese

4 CAMPOS EXPLICAÇÃO INDIVIDUAL– a 4-fields explanation with a few tools for each field.


Plantacao E Reavivamento Ev Angelistico Das Igrejas is the implementation of Four Fields Strategy for all Portuguese-speaking peoples, in a contextualized way. It is a 59-page material with detailed explanation of the six processes: Enter, Evangelize, Disciple, Form Church, Train Leaders, and Exit.


4 Fields Training & Tools for U.S and Latin America

Disciple Making – Church Planting – Missions Mobilization


Start Here:  411 Training (Video | Slides)
Gospel tool: 3 Circles
Discipleship: Commands of Christ (Video) – see PDF @ obeyChrist.com
Espanol:  Mandamientos de Jesus (Video)   PDF Espanol– MandamientosdeJesus.com
Training Card: Front / Back | Espanol: Front / Back


The 4 Fields of Jesus Strategy[Extended | Simple]
Tools Filled in The 4 Fields Diagram

1. Entry Strategy:
Oikos Map
Luke 10 House of Peace Search

2. Gospel:
3 Circles
15-Second Testimony
-Discovery Bible Study: 7 Stories of Hope
4 Responses to the Gospel

3. Discipleship:
-411 Training (Video | Slides)
Commands of Christ (Command 1 Video) – PDF @  obeyChrist.com
Espanol:  Mandamientos de Jesus (Mandamiento 1 Video) – Espanol PDF @ MandamientosdeJesus.com
3/3s Pattern of Discipleship
SWORD Bible Study Method

4. Church Formation:
Church Circle (Acts 2:36-47)
7 Stories of the Church

5. Leadership Development:
“Timothy” Training for Leaders (Coaching Format)
4 Fields Chapter Discovery of Gospels + Acts (worksheet)
Epistles Discovery Tool
Generational Mapping (Gen Mapper | article)
Iron on Iron “IOI” (video)
The 4 Fields Manual  (Espanol)
MAWL (Video | Complete MAWL Map , Simple MAWL Map)
-5 Levels of Movement Leadership (Video | Article)
-4 Stages of Movement (Video | Article)
Handy Guide to Healthy Church (Right Hand)
-Catalyzing Movement from Phase 4 (video)
-God’s Mission: Genesis to Revelation (video | audio | handout)
Paul’s Journeys (Training Slides | Case Study)
Swarm Training
Precision Harvesting
-Baptism Hammer (handout)
4 Fields Planning Worksheet for Leaders


4Fields Trainings Explained with 5 Levels of Movement Leadership

Weekly Training (Residential):
BiVocational Weekly Rhythm
411 + Commands of Christ

Event Training (Non-Residential):
3 Touch Training Cycle
Gospel Conversations Training (4-8 Hours | Find & Form the Team)
4Fields Intensive Training . (4 Days | Biblical Principles)
Midlevel Training (2-3 Days | Problem Solving) 
#NoPlaceLeft Residency for Planters & Missionaries

Spanish Training Resources/Videos: www.NingunLugarSinAlcanzar.com


Tracking U/UPG Progress
The Brutal Facts / #NoPlaceLeft Vision
The Heavenly Father’s Heart
IGNITE Prayer Guide by Jim & Kaye Johns
-Abiding in Jesus w Chuck Wood VIDEOS: Introduction | Holy Spirit | Word of God | Praye


3 Phases of Movement  (HandoutVideo) 

– Training Manuals:
-Phase 1 – MULTIPLICATION of Churches: “The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth” by N. Shank
-Phase 2 – PASTORAL Development: “Foundations for Emerging Leaders” by J. Houk
-Phase 3 – DOCTRINAL Development: “Confessions of the Faith for CPM” by N. Shank

Luke 10:2 Prayer Partners

“He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.” Luke 10:2-3

For us to even do the work God is calling us to, we have to have “workers” to work the harvest field. We set our alarms twice a day at 10:02am/pm in order to stop and pray for the worker, locally & in persecuted nations. The next verse is very clear that this “work” will not be without tribulation and it is for that reason we ask for your partnership in this.

As we follow Jesus in making disciples, training up, and sending out we are asking the Lord to bring along side of us prayer warriors that will commit to praying for our family, the worker, and the unreached. We will provide monthly updates on specific prayer needs and requests.  If you desire to sign up as one of these prayer warriors, please email us at cisnjerry@movethegospel.com.

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