4 Fields Training & Tools for Creole Speaking Nations

Training Resources


1. Empty Field – ENTRY Strategy
Level 1 Training (411) –  Creole
411 Video – English, Creole
Defining a Person of Peace Video
Luke 10 House of Peace Search Video

2. Seeded Field – GOSPEL Strategy
3 Circles (video) –  Creole
My 15 Second Story (video) – English, Creole
Entry and Evangelism Training Card
4 Responses to the Gospel and Follow Up

3. Growing Field– DISCIPLESHIP Strategy
Commands of Christ (Short-term Discipleship Plan) –  Creole
T4T Discipleship Process (video) –  Creole

4. Harvest Field – CHURCH Formation Plan
Handy Guide for the House of Peace – Creole
Handy Guide for a Healthy Church –  Creole

5. LEADERSHIP Multiplication Plan
How to Develop Reproducing Leaders –  Creole
5 Parts & 4 Fields of Jesus’ Strategy (video) –  Creole

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