First Baptist Jensen Beach Residency

First Baptist Jensen Beach

Strategic Missionary Residency


Goal: The goal of this residency is to equip and mobilize missionaries to multiply healthy disciples, pioneer churches, and leaders locally and/or globally until the Gospel has been proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations (Matthew 24:14).

Key Principles:

  1. Go & proclaim the Gospel to the lost.
  2. Make disciples who obey all of His commands.
  3. Train our disciples to be disciple makers.
  4. Disciples gather into churches (existing or new ones).
  5. Under the direction of The Holy Spirit, our practice will be guided first, by NT commands, second, by the patterns of Jesus, Paul, and the early church, and third, by human/church traditions.
  6. Abiding with Jesus is the foundation for all maturity and mission.

Need: In Martin and St. Lucie Counties alone, statistics tell us that up to 92% of the population (318,392 People) have little or no interest in attending a religious gathering. In short, addition/come and see, ministry will not reach this segment of the population. Our conviction is that in order to make disciples among the 318,392 we must go to them. On the treasure coast, and in communities all over the world, church planters must be equipped to follow the example of Jesus, Paul, and the NT Church. They must have the training necessary to enter new areas, sow Gospel seeds, disciple new believers, gather them into new churches, and raise up leaders to shepherd these flocks and reproduce the process. This residency will equip participants to do this all over the world by cultivating growth in character, sharpening gifts, providing simple, biblical and reproducible strategies and tools to make disciples and form churches; All while providing a community of practice for encouragement and accountability.

Participants: Those called and gifted to work in contexts where new work needs to be started. They should be men and women desiring to learn and grow as missionaries. The residency is open to members of First Baptist Church Jensen Beach. Non-members should join First Jensen in order to participate in the residency. If participants are desiring to be sent out by FBJB as missionaries they must be a member of the church in good standing, and they need to have completed a minimum of 1 of the residency. *Spouses and children of participants are encouraged to go through the residency together.

If you desire any more information regarding applying for this residency or have questions, please contact Jerry Smith at